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Dr. Vitkin

Michael Vitkin, M.D., completed a Family Practice Residency program at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Gadsden, Alabama (affiliated with University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham, AL) and was certified in 1981...

What Our Clients Say

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My experience with Dr. Vitkin’s clinic has been incredible. The doctor and staff have been very helpful and encouraging. The plan itself is very easy to follow and has been very successful for me. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to lose weight.

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I have been on the program for around a year and I have been very successful in losing the weight I anticipated. The doctor and staff are very friendly and helpful in keeping you on track and holding you accountable. I feel that having the support of the staff has a lot to do with my success. The medication is a big help in diminishing my hunger and making better food choices. I would highly recommend this program to anyone having problems with losing weight. It takes a little bit of work, but is completely worth it in helping you to achieve your goals.

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Significant weight loss is a journey. A long hard adventure. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and will power. However, the trip is much easier with a dedicated team like the good people at Dr. Vitkin’s supporting you every step of the way.

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This is the best of the best in weight loss clinics. The staff is wonderful and caring. They address all issues during your journey to get healthy. Dr. Vitkin is the most caring and understanding doctor I have ever been to. He truly cares about the patient and their well-being. Getting healthy is a lifetime commitment and the staff is there to insure you succeed every way possible.

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Thanks to the support and guidance from Dr. Vitkin’s Weight Loss Program, I have lost 46lbs! Not only am I healthier and happier, I now have more energy. I have referred several of my friends to their program. Their staff encouraged me to make better choices and taught me that it’s not just a diet but a lifestyle change. Anyone who wants to lose weight should call Dr. Vitkin’s and get started on their program. They won’t regret it.

Celina B. - Dalton, GA

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Dr. Vitkin’s Weight Loss Program helped me accomplish something I thought was never going to be done. I lost over 100 pounds on their program! The appetite suppressant helped take the edge out of dieting, and the healthy eating decisions they taught me, such as eating healthy and watching what I ate made this a great experience for me.
Irvin C. - Dalton, GA

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